5 Tips on Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Social Media provide the tools of an online presence and make innumerable connections.

Here are some tips on social media marketing you may find useful if you are a budding or aspiring entrepreneur or simply a curious beginner:

1. Passion

Begin with an idea you would love to do for the next few years. Passion always gives you that extra oomph you desire. It is the only thing that keeps you living and breathing the idea itself.

2. K.I.S.S

Keep It Simple Silly. Most of us tend to complicate matters — be it design, content, or the very process that defines the essence of your business. Focus on what your organization represents and concentrate on how you can manifest it to the clientele and win their trust and respect. For example, if you own an art gallery, showcase your works on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Use simple words to describe your work.

3. Visibility
Here are a few basic things you should have as a startup or an aspiring entrepreneur:

Web presence – It can be a simple website or a blog to start with, that highlights your projects, likes, hobbies, interests, etc. that catches people’s attention.There are many blogs/website builders these days. Some free and most commonly used are:





If you want to design a fancy logo in no time, here are some free logo maker resources:





Facebook page – Facebook page is a good start to share information about your new work or events or some interesting incident that made you reflect upon the very philosophy that defined your work. When people comment on your work or thoughts, you learn the mindset of the other. It gives a new perspective.Choose best image size for Facebook photo posts.

Twitter handle – Twitter is for people who do not want to waste time typing more than 140 characters. It is the most effective tool anyone can use to promote what they do. For instance, if you are passionate about jewelry design or glass painting or simply doodling; share them on twitter or even Facebook in an image format or a link to your website to reach like-minded audiences. Also, you may get a job offer in no time.Twitter Background and Header Images.

Google+ – This is a great platform to update people in your Gmail circle about your work.Discover the features of Google+ here.

4. Tech know-how

If you do not have an IT background or much experience with computer programs, do not be afraid.

Explore different software tools. There are many Open Source Software (OSS) and online portals that will aid your task.

Read more on OSS here.

Here is an excellent info on ‘20 Most Popular Open Source Software’.

Top 11 Free Photo Editors for Windows.

Video on How To Create Brochure In Word 2010 For Free in 2 minutes.

5. Read a lot.

‘The more you READ, the more THINGS you will KNOW.
The more you LEARN, the more PLACES you’ll GO.’ – By Dr. Seuss

Happy Venturing! 🙂

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