9 essential WhatsApp features for best messaging experience

Many people use WhatsApp for personal and/or professional purposes. Here are some quick features that can help you become an avid user:

1. Shortcut reply with your fingertip.

No more holding down on a message to reply. The latest WhatsApp feature of 2018 allows you to swipe on a message to reply with ease. Simply swipe right on a message and you’ll be able to reply to it. Try it now!

2. Give your messages a professional touch.

These features are really handy if you are a business owner advertising your products/services through WhatsApp, a group admin, or someone who simply wants to have fun with texts and contents.

`Typewriter font (on either side of the text)

3. Deleting message(s) has got easier for many.

‘Delete for Everyone’ feature - WhatsApp

This is a thoughtful feature added by WhatsApp in case you’d like to delete your messages for whatever reasons known to you.

‘Delete for Everyone’ feature - WhatsApp

But remember the other person will receive a message that ‘This message was deleted.’

Delete For Everyone feature - WhatsApp

This applies to one-on-one conversation and in groups as well.

4. Mute conversations with individual or groups.

If you have an annoying person in your Contact lists sending unnecessary and untimely forwards or if you are present in multiple groups that you’d not like to receive notifications on every time someone messages, just select the person or group and hit the mute button.

5. Curious to read messages without wanting the other person to know.

To avoid the double blue ticks that indicate you have already read the messages, here’s a quick tip. Go to Settings>Account>Privacy and uncheck the Read receipts. But remember that if you turn it off, you won’t be able to see read receipts from other people. You can always check the box later after you’ve read the messages 😉

6. Last seen unavailable but want to see if that someone has checked your messages?

Here’s another trick. If you’ve been sending messages to someone and they haven’t seen your messages and not responded back either, send them a voice message. If double blue ticks appear on the voice message, then you’ll know that they have read all your previous text messages. 🙂

7. Want to save an important message you’d like to refer later.

WhatsApp, like any other applications, allows users to star messages to refer later. All you need to do is, hold on a message and hit star button. Later review it in ‘Starred Messages’.

8. Do you want to know who’s been hogging most of your time and data?

Go to Settings>Data and Storage Usage>Storage Usage, and a list of your Contacts will be shown along with the amount of data stored in text and media forms.

9. Now chats become more fun and exciting with ‘stickers’.

Conversations get more fun with the ‘stickers’ this festive season of 2018. If you haven’t got it yet, wait for the update.

WhatsApp has rolled out the feature and you’ll soon see the ‘stickers’ feature next to emoji and GIF.


~ Happy messaging, folks 🙂

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