9 Reasons To Play Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 developed by Imangi Studios was published and released in January 2013.

Here are nine reasons to play Temple Run 2:

1. The graphics are much cooler.

Bright and vibrant color graphics dominate the game environment than its previous version (i.e. Temple Run). Temple Run 2 game begins with a character being chased by a monster and its distinct ferocious howl. While on the run, the character needs to pick up coins and other goodies that add to the points of the gamer, which would benefit by unlocking certain advantages and characters to further advance in the game. As the game requires you to be on a continuous move by default, the gamer needs to either jump or duck or turn left or turn right. These are the 4 regulated options in the movement of the character.

2. You can choose a protagonist at your will.

Temple Run 2 has some cool characters with unique names: Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Sir Montague, Wolfman, Maria Selva, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Zack Wonder, Rahi Raaja, Nidhi Nirmal, Francisco Montoyo, Montana Smith, Cleaopatra, Imhotep, etc. You’ll also find characters like Bruce Lee and Usain Bolt that come with in-app purchases. All the characters will have abilities to double coin value collected, increase shield duration, increase magnet duration to attract coins speedily, and many more.

3. The game environment is changeable along with music.

New maps are earmarked which you can set off at, after completing a certain number of days playing this game. The themes are different with a raw feel: Jungle Fall, Lost Jungle, Blazing Sands, Frozen Shadows and Sky Summit.

4. The game speed gets faster with time.

The fast run gets faster as you progress in the game, feeling the adrenaline rush for moments till the character hits an end; viz. by falling off the Temple Run bridge if the gamer doesn’t turn on time, getting squooshed by lethal obstacles, falling off the chaldron wagon inside a mine or simply getting eaten up by the monster if he gets close enough to the character.

5. Life is all about second chances, or third or fourth!

The character lifeline depends upon the number of gems you collect. The more gems you collect, the more you play at further levels resuming from the place the character lifeline had ended.

6. Every 4 hours you will be rewarded with a gift.

Yes, that’s right. Even if you feel like playing this game a day later, you can open the game app and collect your reward. It’s that simple.

7. Temple Run 2 is the most played game on smartphones and tops in game rankings.

Imangi Studios, the global gaming brand, has had a great success with the Temple Run franchise with worldwide downloads over a billion times and continues to do so. Temple Run 2, belonging to the same franchise, has been downloaded by millions of gamers and has been a mega hit.

8. Check your friends’ scores and achievements.

The Leaderboards section in your gaming app for Temple Run 2 will show your friends’ scores and achievements. Flaunt by getting higher scores and become the gaming leader.

9. It’s a free downloadable game.

Temple Run 2 is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Tizen platforms.


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