Deleting messages on WhatsApp gets easy with ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature.

Delete message on WhatsApp

If you’ve sent a message wrongly to a person or a group, or sent a message that would embarrass you or offend someone else; here is your chance to amend.

The Facebook owned company, WhatsApp, had been testing a new feature for quite a while and now the wait is over.

WhatsApp has recently launched a new feature ‘Delete for Everyone’ where you can delete messages if you have already sent them, provided you use this feature to delete the message within seven minutes of sending it to the recipient(s).


1. Click on the message(s) you want to be deleted.

2. A dialogue box will appear showing three options. Click on ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature. And your message(s) will be deleted permanently.

‘Delete for Everyone’ feature - WhatsApp

3. A message will display that ‘You deleted this message’ on your chat screen.

‘Delete for Everyone’ feature - WhatsApp

However, a message will also be displayed on the recipient(s) screen that ‘This message was deleted’.

Delete For Everyone feature - WhatsApp

NOTE: To utilize this feature, you need to update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

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