Interactive movie by Netflix: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Netflix has grown popularity with an immense increase in number of its users over recent years. Its streaming services of videos with no buffering and immediate casting onto the screen, and showcasing high quality content of movies, documentaries, and other shows of different genres; makes it stand out in the movie streaming business. As a power house in production business itself indicated with ‘Netflix originals’, it holds high standards in terms of technical aspects, content quality, ingenious resources and maintains focus towards being customer oriented.

This new year of 2019 get captivated by breaking the conventional way of watching movies. You must have heard of interactive movie gaming genre. Netflix, as a streaming business, conducted a successful experiment with interactive movie game aimed at children as audience. Having done that, with the success and popularity of Black Mirror series, Netflix has released an interactive movie for adults — Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, written by Charlie Brooker, directed by David Slade and a team of creative heads. Although the movie cannot be casted onto the TV screen, the user can view it on smartphone or tab. As the movie plays scenes, timed modal windows pull up between the scenes to choose the future actions of the character in the movie. You would have approximately 10 seconds to decide the fate of the character. As interesting and gripping it may seem, user cannot rewind 10 seconds to go back to the scene or change decisions. This makes the experience riveting and thought-provoking to the user with ‘What-if’. What if Schrödinger’s cat were alive, what would the outcome hold? Or what if Schrödinger’s cat were dead, what series of repercussions would be witnessed? – What would the butterfly effects be in either cases?

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a starting point as an interactive movie to the sci-fi genre, with quality and high standards; and can be considered as a beacon for newer genres of interactive movie watching.

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