Set up an IR remote and convert your place to a Smart Home

New innovations, discoveries and technology has streamlined our lives in many ways and eradicated unnecessary and time-consuming everyday tasks.

Infrared light is invisible to the human eye. But the discovery of its existence has led to many innovative solutions. One such is an IR remote.

First we need to check if your smartphone has a built-in infrared sensor. Many smartphone manufacturing companies at present times incorporate infrared blaster.

Here are ways you can learn whether this component is supported with your phone:

• Check the user manual of the phone.

• Browse GSMArena to search for the smartphone brand name to get a detailed description.

How to set up an IR remote with your Android smartphone?

Here are simple steps you can follow to set up an IR remote with your smartphone:

1. Open your IR remote app.

In case you do not have the remote app, but your android phone has infrared sensor; you can install apps from Google Play Store.

2. Select a device to set up an IR remote. For instance, I’ve picked ‘Set-top box’.

3. Further, choose the sub-category that fits your device.

4. Test the device signal using the ‘on-off switch’ icon on the screen.

Suggestion: For initial setup, take your smartphone closer to the device to sync the infrared signal between your smartphone and the device for which you want to create a remote.

Viola! Your IR remote is set for use. Just point your remote to the device from anywhere in the room and click.

Shortcuts to your devices are auto created on your home screen enabling you to control them easily with just a click.

How IR remote works?

Infrared Blaster converts your smartphone into a universal remote to control multiple devices. This is done by setting up a signal between the smartphone and the devices that employs pulses of light and establishing communication between the two.

NOTE: Xiaomi Mi smartphone is used to test the IR remote for this article.

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