Top Startup Categories In India With 30+ Top Startups

Great minds think beyond the norms and create something extraordinaire.

We are currently experiencing a rave of ideas, innovation and startup initiations emerging nationwide in India; whether in rural sectors and urban. Startups bring endless possibilities and progression of the economy. This has compelled many minds and dreamers in crafting visions into reality.

Having said that, here are the top 10 smart and successful startups in India:

E-commerce businesses

Flipkart and Amazon have been leading e-commerce sites that sell products of various categories, such as electronics, fashion, accessories, books, home appliances, beauty products and so on. People can order these products from the comfort of their homes and get them delivered to self or gift to others, as per their needs. Meeting these needs is the primary objective of these e-commerce businesses. We also know of Myntra, Limeroad, and Jabong that have been aiming to make their way up. Each, however, excel in selling particular category of product(s).

We’ve also had the privilege in our times of buying furniture for our homes in a similar manner, which has reduced the painstaking process to a great extent. Urban Ladder and Pepperfry are the niche players in the furniture market segment. They also sell other home furnishing products that complement to home shopping items.

Online food order and delivery: Zomato, foodpanda, Swiggy have been leading in the game of ordering meals from restaurants and getting them delivered to your homes. These businesses have recognized a major target sector and cater to their demands.
Valuing money, time and effort is a good proposition.
There is another venture model that allows you to order groceries and food items from their site and getting them delivered either on same day or on another day(s). BigBasket and now Amazon have entered the grocery and gourmet marketplace enabling consumers to shop online, which is a much needed requirement for people with hectic working schedules, homemakers and elderly people. Valuing money, time and effort is a good proposition.

Car services

Many of us must have used Ola or Uber transportation services by now, which offers a variety of options; from types of cars to charging based on distance covered to sharing with other riders. Offering value to money is the objective idea behind these ventures. Jugnoo is another such venture worth noting that offers auto rides to people (and the app also allows food delivery options) and has been making a yearly revenue of $10 million dollars.

Delighted? Not yet?

Conversely, there is a model that allows individuals to carpool with others, not only saving on fuel and money, but also letting the community make a few bucks; where both individuals and company benefit. A major plus point, as I look at it, is that this model is environment friendly; reducing air pollution and traffic time. Air pollution is a major concern in metro cities, but we’ll talk about that some other time.

BlaBlaCar and Letsride ventures are designed around this model that deserves an appreciation with the thoughtful initiation.

Offline startups

Here, it would be difficult to name just a few. There are many people making their way to offline startup models with a different target segment in mind, that have been profiteering and scaling businesses. Here are some of the types of business ventures you may find interesting:
• Fashion retail stores
• Supermarkets
• Spa salons
• Restaurants / Continental Bistros / Cafés
• Fitness Studios
• Bed and Breakfast
• Consultation services
• Research and Development (R&D)
• Manufacturing businesses
Although some may be high investment businesses and some low, but with the right strategies these businesses can earn you a good reward.

Networking sites

We know, as of today, that there are some giant social media networking sites that not only make a solid revenue, but are worth an immensely unthinkable valuation.
Startups bring endless possibilities and progression of the economy.
Here are some currently popular social media networking sites with higher subscribers:
*Not necessarily in the ranking order*

Technical startups

Technical startups can be offline, online or both.

Let’s start with mobile industry, a fast-growing industry in today’s times. With the smartphones, came smart apps. And with ease of designing apps, we see many individuals and companies diving into the app making world. Google Play (Android users) and App Store (Apple’s iOS users) are predominant mobile operating systems and the game changers in the mobile apps industry. There are other mobile application developers that have entered the marketplace with Ovi (Nokia), Windows Phone, Blackberry App World, and Samsung Apps.

Many app developers have started off by offering services as designing a website, brand marketing, social media strategies, etc., and continue to do so as a value-added service to to app development.

A recent trend in the tech community is Data Science. It is a futuristic approach considered to making sense of any business by collecting and analyzing loads of data that may be related or just something random. Experts on Quora have given perfect explaination on What is Data Science and How to become a data scientist, which you may find useful reading about it further.

There are engineering firms who offer Technical consultation to companies with varied analysis and modeling tools such as CAE, CFD, Autodesk Product Design, MATLAB; to name just a few.

Animation Industry is opening up a world to many ideas. Animation designers can create graphics that calls upon visual effects with sounds and with the features of video editing these can be utilized in video games, TV shows, movies, video sharing websites or online channels. These designers are greatly in demand at present and will continue to be in the future.

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