Tools to write an Effective Business Plan

A business plan outlines your business goals and ways to achieve them. It also consists of details about your organization, team formation, consumer market, branding and marketing strategies and financial goals for the next 3 to 5 years.

Many think that writing a business plan or putting a business proposal together is easy. It can be, if you have the right tools.

While writing a business plan, you need to think from both entrepreneurial and investors perspective. Not only do you get a clear idea about your business, but you start to develop the confidence in yourself and your plan which will sell itself once you have all the details to the tiniest goals penned down.

Here are some resources that will help you in your entrepreneurial journey towards writing a business plan and planning your startup the right way:


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and seeking to get clear ideas for your business model or looking for investors for your business, Bplans is the site for you.

Bplans provides you with abundance tips, tools, free samples of business plans and other resources in putting a business plan together.

If you want clarity and organize your thoughts and ideas and plan them into action, here is their tip on How to Write a Business Plan. Along with this check out their ultimate Guide to Starting a Business.


AgPlan provides a convenient and user-friendly tool for developing a business plan. It provides many resources and tips along with sample business plans that you can peruse to develop a better business plan.You can select your business plan according to the type of industry.

And start typing away.


Creating a business plan is simple and easy-to-use with the tool provided by LawDepot.

Additionally you also get free access to legal forms, documents and agreements that are required for starting a business.

And viola! You have a business plan ready in no time.

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